Dear Preston: I hate the florist my bride chose


Dear Preston: I hate the florist my bride choose.

I am a planner in London, at the moment I am planning a Luxury wedding. My bride is lovely, but she took it upon herself to research and hire a florist that I think is not that good. How do I convey this to my bride, without offending her sentiments and the vendor in mind?

Truth Teller

My dear:

As a planner, your most important job is to act in honesty. One of the reasons that your bride hired you is to help her make the best possible choices. It all depends on how you tell her. I love the way, my planner friend Marcy Blum tell a client something that they do not want to deal with; by always beginning the sentence as, “In my very humble opinion………”

Be careful with this bride though; she might have chosen the florist in mind, because she might very much like their style, even if you don’t.

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