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Are you a leader? Or a follower?


 Before I begin, let me get the bad news out: Self-promotion is not an exact science.

 There are things you are sure will work that don’t, things that have worked in the past that won’t, and things that you never expected that will.

 The wonderful thing about being in business is that you can learn more as each year passes and I certainly do.  The most obvious to me are the things not to do again.

In today’s blog, I would like to share what I have learned, that DOES NOT work.

Get Comfortable: If you want to fulfill your dreams, get out of your comfort zone. Feeling “uncomfortable” is never something we want to do, but it might be just what you need to reignite old passions and discover new ones.  Now, I can hear all of my friends snickering because as a Taurean I am a creature of habits. I constantly struggle in getting out of my comfort zone.

Tell People How Great You Are: Nothing is a bigger turn  off than a pompous show-off. This is especially true with potential clients. If you are the best, don’t tell them, show them.  Start by been a great listener.

Try To Be Two Things At Once: Make a conscious choice to be a leader or a follower.  There is no right or wrong choice, but you need to know where you stand.  Clients will follow you if you are leading them to something new and different, but if you choose to go that route, worry about setting trends by way of great work, not by following them.

Take, Take, Take: Givers are winners. Learn to be a giver of success.  .Whether it’s more of your service, advice, time, counsel or a kind word to someone who needs it, make giving a part of your daily practice.  Give your clients all of the attention and service you can and they will come back, trust me.

Get off Your “But”: This word allows us to lie to ourselves over and over again without even knowing it.  You say, “I want to start that new project…but.” Anything after that “but” is nothing but an excuse.

I find that anytime we project our dreams into a positive future, the universe gives it back to us many times over.

Just one question:  Do you consider yourself to be a leader, or a follower?