You’re Wildly Focused, But What Are You Missing?

preston bailey, preston bailey blog, preston bailey inspiration, pb blog, preston bailey tips

preston bailey, preston bailey blog, preston bailey inspiration, pb blog, preston bailey tips

Dear Readers:

I hope all of you are looking forward to a great weekend and wish all of you who have events much success. I am working with my team on a new design for a client and getting ready for my trip to China next week. As I sit here, I found myself reading Kathy’s wonderful blog yesterday, and I couldn’t help but to think about the good and bad experiences I have enjoyed and endured over my three decades in this business. I think Kathy did a wonderful job in giving some real and practical ways to protect a peaceful mind. The truth is, we work in a bustling, beautiful, and sometimes even brutal industry, and there is a lot of noise out there in terms of what we should be doing, what “they” are doing, and why we shouldn’t do something we ache to do. Let me tell you, it doesn’t get any quieter as you move up the proverbial ladder. As artists and business men and women, we are all in the same position of trying to give our clients our best while honoring their desire to enjoy something that has never been done before. It’s always exciting, but not always easy.

When you are in those moments of hard work and harder worry, I want to encourage all of you to just Stop (what you are doing), Look (around you), and really Listen (to yourself). It sounds obvious, but how many times have you become so fixated on what you are working on (or worrying about) that you completely missed what was going on around you (which may have included an opportunity)? How many times have you been so lost in thought that you didn’t even see what you were looking at (which may have offered inspiration)?

The wonderful thing about a new day is that it provides us a chance to learn from the days that existed before it. Today, I want to encourage all of you to look up when you’re walking down that same old street, take an entirely new path all together, or better yet, schedule a little extra time for yourself and go and get lost. You might find a better way to work, and live.



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