Your Turn: How do you relax and have fun?

Preston in Greece

This summer, I’m going back to one of my favorites places on earth: Santorini, Greece

Most people think of the event industry as glamorous, and I suppose it can be…if you are a guest at one of my events (ha ha). If you are in this industry you probably know that as exciting as our business is, most of it is long hours of schlepping, minimal sleep and hard work. I am in awe of how folks with children manage their time and energy while working full time jobs. After an installation, I just want to go home and crash.

Leaving time aside for relaxing or re-charging our bodies is one of the most difficult things for most folks to put on their To Do list. One of the ways I relax is by going to the gym. I belong to two gyms: The Chelsea Piers in New York, and the 24 hour fitness center (for a late workout before or after a long trip).

I get my best ideas when I am relaxing. Whenever I feel creatively blocked, I know is time to stop and visit mother nature. (She tends to be full of inspiration). So, this week in Your Turn, I’d love it if we could all make a serious commitment to taking the time to relax and have some good old fun. And you can start by sharing with me what your vacation plans are. (If you don’t have any, MAKE SOME TODAY. No excuses.)