Your Turn: Food

Junk Food

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I had the pleasure of spending time with my new partners from the Wedding Planning Institute the gorgeous Cho Phillips and her wonderful brother Jerry Madson for two weeks, and I was fascinated by how good and healthy they both looked.

I asked Cho what her secret was and she said that she has been on a raw food diet and described how much she enjoyed it. While working with the amazing Donna Karan, I was also blown away by her energy and looks, to find out that she was on the same raw food diet.

One of my survivals skills is always trying to adapt the good habits of my friends and colleagues, so I have decided to give it a try. You must understand, however, that my usual lunch consists of ox tail stew (yum!) with rice, beans and fried bananas…

I was never into fad diets, so before starting I did a lot of research. I found out that this a potentially life changing diet, if done properly. Today I am on my fifth day of eating only raw food. It’s basically a diet of eating fresh fruits and vegetables, which has always been a huge challenge for me.

I feel lighter, though I do need to be careful with all those unwanted gasses (I noticed that no one wanted to workout around me at my gym). I’ll continue, just as you do with any new thing, by taking it one carrot at a time. And, to all my dear friends and family coming over to my apartment for dinner–be ready for some raw food entertaining.

What is your number one favorite dish to cook or serve? And please share any tips you have on maintaining healthy eating habits…Plus, I would love to know what restaurant you’ve been to that served the best meal of your life.