Your Turn: Best Venue In Your Area

Wedding Hall

Gotham Hall in New York City (Before)

HELP! I am having a hard time finding great new venues to recommend to my clients when I am working around the world. I find that a lot of venues have these amazing pictures online, but when I visit either the upkeep leaves a lot to be desired (dirty carpets, scratched chairs, dirty walls, etc.) or the food is not all it promised to be.

Could you please recommend the best venues that you have worked in or visited in your area?

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Gotham Hall (after)

This is what I am looking for:

  • Beautiful rooms, modern or traditional
  • Good upkeep
  • Great food
  • Great servers
  • Good bathroom (If this is not great, I can always improve it)
  • An extra bonus: if they have good hang points (I love the choice of hanging extra lighting or decoration from the ceiling)

Your recommendation would be greatly appreciated!