You Have The Power To Change Someone’s World. Do You Use It?




Dear Readers:

I hope all of you are having a great week and finding your peace, whatever may be going on in your lives.  Today, I want to talk a little about energy and balance, and the unique gift all of us have to change the days–and maybe even the lives— of those around us.

Have you ever sat across from a colleague and took notice of their heavy sighs? Or perhaps you caught a glimpse of exhaustion or pain in the eyes of a client or neighbor.  Have you ever picked up on more negativity in the vocabulary of a loved one and wondered what was going on?

While it might be nice to do so, there’s not always space in a situation to say something. It may feel awkward or inappropriate to do so, and let’s be honest; sometimes we have no idea what to say even if we could. What we can do is take a gentle action.

I have found that, more often than not, doing so will create a soft rippling effect in the sphere of those around us and it can change their energy altogether.  I don’t know about you, but I personally love to do this for those around me. Whether it’s surprising my husband, stopping what I am doing to make my daughter the pancakes she loves or turning off my laptop and accepting my son’s impromptu movie date request, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to bring positivity into a situation that might otherwise be stressful to someone around me.

Most recently, I was able to do this for a colleague.  Normally bubbly, energetic and outgoing, I noticed that she was quiet and lethargic. She was still polite, but seemed distracted and somewhat overwhelmed by her recent move and whatever else was going on in her life.  Instead of pushing to talk, I observed. After a few days, it was clear to me that she was pushing herself too hard and not seeing the big picture which was that she had finally achieved a huge goal and should be as proud of herself as I was.  The next morning, before she arrived to work, I left a bag decorated with a bright flower by her desk. Inside it a bottle of bubbly and a card which congratulated her on all of the things she had forgotten she worked so hard for (and achieved).  She walked into the office with the same slow energy and saw the bag and before I knew it, her voice softened and a smile washed over her face. She thanked me no less than five times for reminding her of what was important and opened up that she, too, had noticed she was particularly down and how much it meant to her that I had, too.

It was in that moment that I felt grateful.  We live in a world that is so often focused on self that we forget to look around us, and when we do, and we notice something, it can mean the world to someone who is struggling. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture–a thank you note left on a desk, a bouquet of flowers sent to a client, a box of chocolates sent to a selfless mother…these small gestures can change the world, one life at a time.

Today, I want to encourage all of you to step out of your space and pay attention to those who share it with you. Give someone a little boost and let me know how it goes!

With a Happy Heart,


Kathy Romero is the Vice President and The Head of Global Wedding & Event Planning for Preston Bailey Designs. She shares her thoughts and advice on Preston’s Blog every Thursday.