“You Created A Preston”



My editor received a great email yesterday from a woman named Lilit. She runs a flower shop in California with her mom and she shared some pictures of work they’ve created that were inspired by my designs (plus the picture above of her and me at an industry event). She said, “When we create something that is one of a kind or exceptional we always say, ‘You created a Preston.’”

This totally made my day!

What a great phrase, and what a nice thing to share with me. I really appreciate that my work has inspired other designers to create something unique and interesting. Here’s a picture of an amazing Gummi bear chandelier Lilit created. She said, “The Gummi Bear Chandelier (made entirely of real Gummi bears) was my own interpretation of taking one unexpected element and repeating it to create something new.” Go Lilit!

centerpiece,table setting

I’d definitely love to hear from more of you out there who have “created a Preston.” Email any pictures you have along with your thoughts to my editor: Karell@prestonbailey.com. Occasionally, I’ll post them here so we can share the inspiration with everyone. If we get enough feedback it may become a regular series on my blog. Thanks again Lilit and keep at it.