You Can Get Any Client You Want With Clarity



Dear Readers:

Let’s face it; you can have all of the talent in the world, but without clients, you will never have a business.  A lot of business owners are under the impression that we have “tons of clients” knocking down our door but nothing could be further from the truth. Like everyone else, we work diligently to attract new clients. In today’s blog, I will share four very basic ideas that have proven to be effective. Feel free to share your thoughts on these (and your own ideas) below.

Be clear as to what you are selling. You should be able to tell potential clients what you are selling in one succinct sentence. For example, At Preston Bailey Designs, we sell original designs and excellent service. Keep it simple.

Show your clients what you are selling. In our case, we showcase our original designs through a visual website that is updated every two months as well as through social media daily. To showcase “excellent service” you need to make sure your actions speak for you. For example, make it a point to return emails and calls within five minutes of receipt when possible.

Leave your ego at home. Yes, we all have a judgemental side, but it is not my job to tell my clients they have bad taste, even if I am thinking it. My job is to embrace their vision and give them my best interpretation of it. I remind myself that this their event, not mine.

You must be able to tell your client exactly what you charge. There is no question this is the most challenging tip to put into practice. We have the bad reputation of being the most expensive design company around which has most clients calling in fear. Our challenge is to always take the time to explain exactly what they are paying for (this is better done in person). We have found that if we are clear enough, clients feel good about the value and sign.

It took me over 35 years to not only get into the high-end market, but discover a sobering reality: there are not a lot of clients who are willing to spend a lot on a wedding which makes it even more challenging to get a new client to sign.

Today, I want to offer you all a challenge as well as pose a question:

Share your one-sentence sales pitch with us and tell me if you ever have any difficulty telling clients how much you are worth.