You Are Your Greatest Asset


Marilyn Monroe Inspirational Quote

(Image via Susan Savage)

“Step outside the box.”

I hear this expression over and over again from many of my colleagues. And it always makes me a little nervous.  It feels forced — as if we have to make an effort to be different; we don’t. Let your own individual uniqueness express itself naturally.

I grew up very poor in Panama, and I was forever captivated by all the beautiful things around me that I could not have. This gave me a keen eye for beauty, and this early appreciation has turned out to be a significant part of my work today. Your own life experience is always your greatest asset. Don’t work against it; just be who you are.

And forget about trends! Want to be different? Look within. You’ll be amazed at the many hidden treasures you’re storing.

Dear Readers, what part of your history has helped define your craft and your business?

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