Year of the Tiger


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The magic and joy of creating a special event lasts for just one day. Guests arrive, party the night away, then the decor and whole environment is deconstructed and left to the memories…
I’ve spent some time thinking about how to keep some of those elements up and available to a larger group of people to enjoy. This is what attracted me to creating public art exhibits. Below is a peacock floral sculpture I previously created for the Covent Garden in London.


The year 2010 in the Chinese Zodiac is known as the Year of the Tiger. It isn’t officially the new year until February 14, but I’ve recently installed a floral sculpture of a mama tiger and her cubs in the Landmark in Hong Kong. The mother tiger is approximately 20 feet tall.
According to,” When people think of tigers, it is their vigor and power that comes to mind first. But it has also been noted that tigers are known to share and are unselfish animals. The reason people admire the tiger is due to the fact that they are ferocious and domineering on the outside, but they are just as noble and distinguished on the inside.”


I chose to express the tiger’s family values by re-creating a tiger’s natural pack in this sculpture. It was also important to me that the tiger’s expression evokes nobility and strength, while the cubs express the tiger’s loving demeanor.
If you were to commission me to make a sculpture of your favorite animal, what would it be? Also, I’d love it if you shared pictures of your favorite animal (maybe your pet?) with me on Facebook.