Would You Push To Cancel An Event Due To Weather?


Preston Bailey Discusses Cancelling an Event Due to Weather

Dear Readers,

Many of you might have read that streets of New York are flooded and many of us are without electricity here on the east coast. It’s been quite an eventful 24 hours, to say the very least.  Yesterday, I spoke of having to cancel an event due to the unexpected conditions and I wondered if you felt comfortable charging clients in “Act of God” situations.  We all know the difficulties and challenges that are associated with last minute cancellations, but also that Mother Nature often has a mind of her own about these things.

Today, I would like to know how you would advise your clients to move forward in this kind of situation.  If you had an event planned and learned of an impending storm, would you simply move the wedding indoors, advise clients to cancel the event or try to push it back a few weeks?

How would you handle a client that insisted on moving forward when you felt it was not reasonable to do so?

I look forward to your thoughts.


(Photo Courtesy of 4 P Blogspot)