Working Well With Others


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Dear Readers,

Happy Halloween to everyone!

I often speak about the importance of pleasing the client and maintaining a “client is always right” mentality, but there is an aspect of successful event execution and reputation management that is often overlooked: working well with those we work with.

Though the industry is filled with a number of personality types–some more compatible than others–it is my belief that there should be a synergy of respect, solid communication, understanding and compassion between vendors and colleagues at all times. As artists and professionals, we are all fueled by a desire to offer our talents and services in the most inspiring and productive way possible, regardless of whether or not we would want to develop a friendship with someone on our team.

It is important to remember that we are not in competition with one another. There  is not only room for all of us, but a specific space for us.  What would an event be without lighting? How would a space look without the talents of a floral designer?  Can you imagine a wedding with no cake, caterer, band or DJ?  Separately, we bring talent. Together, we truly create magic.

In my 34years in this business, I have been fortunate to have worked with a number of talented individuals, some of whom treated everyone around them with respect and consideration and others who have maintained somewhat of a tunnel vision focus, seeing those around them as competitors, servants or extensions of themselves.

Our industry is huge, but also very small, and how we interact with one another is as important as the work we offer when it comes to building a reputation among clients and peers.

 Today, I would like to ask you your thoughts and experiences with working with more difficult colleagues and vendors. How did you navigate through a difficult experience and did you share this experience with other colleagues?  Have you ever turned down a job because you didn’t want to work with a certain vendor again?



(Photo Courtesy of The Year Zero)