Won’t You Be Mine?


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Valentine’s day. Depending on what your love life looks like currently, this day is either something to look forward to or something you’d prefer to forget. I remember being single in the past and feeling like a loser on this day (could you even imagine??). What made it worse was my friends who were in relationships carelessly going on and on about their planned romantic dinners.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as romantic as the next guy (confession: one of my favorite ways to pass time on long trips is watching romantic comedies and shedding a little tear over the sappy happy endings–one of my recent favorite movies was He’s Just Not That Into You), but sometimes it’s just too painful to hear about how everyone is happy besides you.

In the past I came up with the perfect solution for my single friends on Valentine’s day. I threw a dinner party where the only requirement was that you had to be single and you had to bring a single friend too. I have had great success with these parties. In fact, there has been more than one hook-up where a friendship turned into a relationship. (If I wasn’t an event designer, I would definitely have been a matchmaker.)
gift ideas
I really enjoy trying to find the perfect present for my partner and guests of Valentines’ past. I suggest you keep in mind all of your single friends this year, and offer to make them your “Valentine.” Please tell me the most memorable Valentine present you have received or given (or plan to give).

(And guys, we love the red roses, but let’s try to think a bit more out of the box this year…)

For all the single folks out there: check my Facebook and Twitter for a special announcement just for you. Don’t miss it.