Why I Am Offering PB Protege Online For $500.00 USD


Dear Readers:

One of the reasons I decided to start the PB Protege Program three and a half years ago was because I was interested in sharing my knowledge, experience and mistakes with others in our community. From the moment we opened our doors at the first class (when we had no idea how it would be received) to the last course, when we transformed the amazing Breakers resort in Florida, the result has been overwhelming.

The goal has always been a simple one:

1. To offer full access to the secrets behind our floral designs.

2. To share the intricate mechanics we use to create some of our most elaborate floral trees, walls and ceiling statements.

3. To show how to price a job well enough to make a profit.

Over the past few years, I have received a number of emails, calls and letters asking me to put together an online course for those who were unable to take time or locate the funds required to travel and attend the live class. I took your suggestions very seriously and put together a course that, I hope, you will find useful.  Since announcing the course last Monday, a few of you have reached out to me to express concern that the course at $1500 was too much money to pay. So, as my gift to all of you, I am offering the course at an introductory rate of $500USD from now until November 14th.
It is my hope that you will learn from and enjoy the course, and know that while you are taking it, I will personally be available to answer any questions via email.

I hope that this course would help you transform both your events designs and your own business universe.

Will you be purchasing the course? Have you? Share your thoughts with us.