Which Is Your Favorite Oscar Set?

Dear Readers,

As a designer, one of the most exciting reasons I watch the Academy Awards is to see the beautiful sets that are designed for the event each year. Many of us have “bucket list” ambitions, and I am no exception. It has always been a dream of mine to design the set that will serve as the foundation for the Oscars one year. As an artist, I love to look at the work of my fellow designers, finding inspiration from similarities and differences between our interpretations and ideas. This year, the set designed by the talented Tony Award-winning designer Derek McLane reminded me of an event I did called “Field of Lights”.

One of my personal favorite Oscar stages was designed by David Rockwell. He covered the set with crystals and inadvertently inspired me to start using them even more in my own designs. I thought it might be fun to play a little game and rate our favorite sets over the years. Tell me which one you like best?

2013 (up top)

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


(Photo 1. Washington Post, 2.Sworovski, 3. Watchers Watch)