When Someone Steals Your Designs


Preston Bailey Design Team Staff PhotoThe photo above is my fabulous team, and I like to think of my everyone on my team as family.  And I’m very grateful to have one of the most eclectic, talented and inspiring group of folks to call my friends and coworkers. But because of the size of the weddings and events we do, we almost always have to bring in a small army of even more talented folks: freelancers. In fact, we have what we call our little black book of freelancers.

Unfortunately, I’ve got a problem with one of these freelancers. This particular freelancer is an extremely talented florist, and, in addition to freelancing, also runs a small business. It has come to my attention that this freelancer is copying my brand in the work she does for her own company. She’s trying to pass off my creations as her own!

Don’t get me wrong, I love when folks get inspiration from my books, and I have no problem with that. Besides, by the time one of my books comes out, I’ve been using those designs for years and have already moved on to fresh creations. So what really bothers me about this situation is the timing. This florist is stealing my newest ideas, the ideas I’m currently doing, and selling them to her clients.

Am I just being petty? I feel very conflicted. Dear readers, what do you think?  Should I take the high road and just ignore this situation? Should I stop hiring this individual to do freelance work for me? Should I confront this person? Please share your advice in the comments. Thank you.

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