When Clients Cannot See Into Your Head…


Years ago, I used to have a lot of unhappy brides…until I finally figured out why. They could not see into my head. I saw one thing, and most of the time they were seeing another. I was constantly hearing, “Preston, that was not what I had in mind,” until I finally figured out my way around this.

You see, you do not want a bride or client stressing out on the day of the event about what they are not getting. The only way around this is to give them as much information as possible before the special day.

This information needs to be both visual and written. (I prefer mostly visual. Even when many clients read about something, it can still be different from what they or you are “seeing” in their head.)

In my web video today, I am showing a very important part of any job: presentations. In other words, simply showing our clients what they will actually be getting for their event.

If you want to avoid three things:

1. Ruining the day of your bride.
2. Feeling frustrated, because you thought you TOLD them what to expect
3. Not getting paid

I suggest you start by watching this video. Do you normally do a table set-up for your clients to show what they are getting? If you show your client a presentation, do you think you should pay for it or should it come out of the clients’ budget? Would you show a client a presentation before getting the job?