When Clients Become Friends for a Lifetime


There are more than a few clients where, after the event, we become lifelong friends.

For example, I fell in love with my dear friend Debbie Lustig (pictured) after I did both of her daughters’ weddings.

I even had this one occasion where I met a lovely mother and daughter when they came in 12 years ago for the daughter’s wedding.

Even though the daughter broke off the engagement, we remain very close friends up to today.

There are a few occasions, however, where you find yourself wishing the event would just be over–this way you never have to see these clients again.

Luckily I haven’t had many of those.

What is my idea of the ultimate client? Some of my favorites are ones who…

1) Are completely open to being surprised.
2) Understand that you are there to give them good service and are respectful.
3) Pay their bills on time.

It’s that simple. I have been more than fortunate to have my share of amazing clients. However, don’t forget that there is always a fine line between giving good service and making a new friend.

In my experience, I prefer giving them good service first, then becoming friends later.

In this last episode of my first video series, The Preston Touch, I’d love to show you the last surprise I created for Lilit (and even, some pictures from her actual wedding.) I’m hoping Lilit and I are on the road to becoming very good friends.

How often do you become friends with your clients? Do you find that by befriending your clients, they expect to get more from you? Is it a good idea to befriend your client while you are working for them?