When bad planners happen to good people


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I’m really liking our recent Monday blog post discussions. You all give such great advice!

You may remember that last week I asked for your help with a vendor whose employee behaved inappropriately while on a job we were all doing together. I reached out to the vendor again, and we had a very frank conversation about the situation and the employee in question. I don’t feel comfortable going into any more detail than that but suffice to say that we were able to resolve things, and I feel much better about the situation. Thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions.

This week, unfortunately, I have another situation on my hands, and I need your advice again.

I always try to sit down with my clients after their events are over and ask them one very important question: What were you not happy with?

Last month I did a destination event in Italy for a client who is a very lovely and very spiritual lady. We’ve had the great pleasure of working together before, and she is very dear to my heart. Just recently we were finally able to find some time to chat about how her event in Italy went.

She told me that she was determined to have the best time possible at her celebration. (And she did!) She also said that she got wonderful feedback from all of her guests. She went on to say that she was very impressed with the newest member of my team, wedding and event planner Kelly Irwin, who my client said completely “got” her. She told me that her event was beautiful, spiritual, meaningful and everything she wanted. Needless to say, I was thrilled to hear all of this!

However, there was one thing she was unhappy about: she was very disappointed with the local Italian wedding and event planner I had hired to help coordinate the event. Both my client and I felt that this planner did very little right. She was rude and short tempered, and her staff wore wearing jeans and sneakers, which was highly inappropriate given the caliber of event we were throwing. This planner also neglected to make several crucial reservations. Basically, the short version of this story is that we were all dismayed with her work and her behavior.

I take full responsibility for every vendor I bring onto a project, and so I apologized profusely to my client for my poor hiring judgement. I also assured her that I would follow up with this planner. I think it’s important that I voice our disappointment. Of course, I will be respectful and polite, but I have every intention of being honest and direct.

Is there anything else I should do? What would you do if you were in my shoes, Dear Readers? Please advise!

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