What’s The Best/Worst Wedding Day Advice You Have Ever Heard?


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Dear Readers:

Is there anything more beautiful than a bride just about to walk down the aisle? A confessed romantic, I love that special moment when two lovers are about to experience the last few seconds before meeting at the altar; both anticipating the beginning of a life together.  Many times, I meet my brides right before the doors open, handing her a bouquet. It’s a special and tender moment that I am honored to share with her.

Though I am not one to throw out relationship advice to my clients, one of the the things I always remind my brides to trust in the professionals they have hired and enjoy their wedding day with the person they love and the people who love them.  

Today, I want to ask you what advice you give to your brides, and brides, what is the best and worst advice you have ever received regarding your big day?