What’s In or Out? Flower Trends


If you live long enough, everything that was considered beautiful or “in” will go “out” and then come back “in” again. Of course, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but in this new series of blog posts, I’d like to explore what may be “in” today or “out” yesterday and try to figure out why.

You are probably one of the many, like myself, who considers our work not really work but mostly play. We are blessed with the great job of being designers. We are in this world to create beauty in the form of life’s memories. In a way, designing is about creating magic. And, as you know, one of the main elements in my designs is the use of florals.

After many years of client feedback, I have an ever expanding list of flowers I know are considered to be “in” or “out.” Four of the flowers are shown below. (These images were from books by the amazing photographer Ron van Dongen.)

A. Amaryllis

fresh flowers

B. Rose

fresh flowers

C. Dahlia

fresh flowers

D. Tulip

fresh flowers

Which of these do you think is “in” or “out” and why?

We’ll talk about your answers in next week’s post…