What’s In or Out? Design Style Trends


The results from last week were almost unanimous. The color that’s “IN” this year is: purple.

This week I’d like to talk about overall design style: modern, traditional or eclectic. Even though each client has a very specific point of view on this issue, and I try to accommodate her taste, I find that there is one particular look more and more clients around the world are asking for, making it the current “IN” for everything from furniture to flowers.

I have had the pleasure of working with one designer I think is a genius floral architect by the name of Daniel Ost. I think he is brilliant with an eclectic look. I also had the pleasure in meeting Mr. Jeff Leatham in Paris. He is Mr. Modern himself with his amazing creations. However, when I did Ivanka Trump’s wedding, I was pleasantly surprised that this young beautiful New Yorker, loved a classic traditional look for her wedding.

So, in your experience which of these is “IN” for 2010?



(From Jeff Leatham’s book Les Fleurs)


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Ivanka’s wedding



(From Daniel Ost’s book Invitations)