What’s In or Out? Black Tie or Not?


Last week’s design style trends got some great feedback. In my experience, a traditional look is still the number one event request. The second most requested is a traditional look with modern elements.

This week: Black Tie or Not?

In the past few years I have seen a big switch with dress codes for events. I think it might have to do a lot with the way people are entertaining. There are more buffets than sit down dinners, and a bit less structure to the overall event. (Though I’ve always objected to the idea of wearing black tie on any hot summer day, beach or outdoor event.) I have also seen some hosts suggesting a kind of thematic dress code, for example, the always very elegant all white or all red dress codes.

Which of these is the most requested dress code in your area?

Black tie

President Obama and Mrs. Obama at the Midwest Inaugural ball (Photo via)


Think cocktail dress (Photo via)


For example, at my book launch party the dress code was: HOT