What’s Hotter Than Naked?

Preston Invite

Preston Holding the World Invite (Photo via).

I think some people find it hard to find just the right thing to wear to a party. When I throw my own, I try to give direction that’s fun and amorphous so that guests can take the direction and interpret it in their own way. For example, at my last book launch party, the only attire request I had was to wear red (by the way, the rebel Martha Stewart showed up in orange). I love surveying the scene as guests show up to see all the clever ways they decided to get dressed.

For the Celebrations party, I wanted to come up with an attire request that complimented the mood of the party. January tends to be a depressing month since it’s so cold, it’s post-holidays and some people are partied out. That’s exactly why I wanted to throw the party at this time to bring back the mood of sexy, fun and hot…hence the attire requirement for this party: hot.

I’ve been so busy traveling and planning my party (along with many others…work never stops) that today it hit me: I haven’t chosen anything to wear to the party yet. What does one wear to a party where the attire requirement is “hot” and all the guests have already seen the invite?

When I grew up in Panama, I used to have to wear a uniform of white shirt, tie and slacks so I promised after high school that I would never wear another tie again. So, generally, I’m opposed to wearing suits–even though that may be someone’s definition of hot.

This is where you come in my loves. I need your help figuring out what to wear to my party. Tell me your suggestions, please!

Oh, and stay tuned for tomorrow. We’ll be talking about my favorite part of the party…the decor.