What Would You Do: When a Client Gets Drunk and Disorderly

Dear Readers:
Do you have a friend who always seems to make a fool of themselves when drunk? I always find it a challenge in these situations as I remember that for many years before quitting drinking, I was that friend. But these days, looking through sober eyes, I see very clearly how difficult it makes things for those around you.
I was having this conversation with my dear friend, the wonderful planner, Sasha Souza, when she shared a shocking fact: planners in the state of California are held responsible for the excess alcohol of guests. This means that planners can be held responsible for the behavior of drunk guests by law. God forbid there is an accident and someone is hurt or even killed, you can be sued as a responsible party. You are the one who served them alcohol, after all.
If you have ever done a wedding, you have likely seen the one guest who gets so wasted that he or she begins to make everyone around them feel uncomfortable. But what if it is the client who hired you who becomes a mess? Would you have the courage to confront them? Do you think this law is fair that we should be held personally and professionally responsible for drunken guests?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.





Photo Courtesy of EastonEvents