What types of brides do you prefer working with?


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What types of brides do you prefer working with?

A Know “exactly” what she wants

B She is “not so sure” of what she wants?

I think all of us in the event world, have one thing in common. We tend to be a people pleaser; nothing gives us more pleasure than bringing a client’s dreams to life.

In my experience, they are two kinds of brides: Brides that know “exactly” what they want, second the brides that are “not so sure” of what they want.

I love working with both, however, in today’s blog post, I’ll like to point out the positive and the not so positive, working with both types.

Brides that know what they want:


A bride that has most likely been thinking of her wedding day her entire life. (I call them, a group of the professional brides, love them) She has done a lot of research. (good and not so good, even though most of what she likes on Instagram is way over her budget) She has been to way too many weddings and is very clear on what she does not like. (a big plus; one of my favorite questions to my brides, “what do you hate” I always get an ear full) She wants what she wants when she wants it. (as she very well should, it’s her big day) She tends to be a bit controlling. (that I don’t mind even one bit, so am I)

Not so positive:

As a designer, she does not leave us much room to play.

I think this is such a shame because she’ll never know what she could be missing. And to be completely honest, these are my lease favorites brides.


Give her exactly what she wants, but take a risk and show her a couple of other choices. I find that 40% of the times, this works.

Brides that are not so sure of what they want;


Most likely the bride just got engage and did not have the time to think much about designs. She likes flowers, but never actually paid attention to the types of flowers. She is like a blank canvas, just ready to be surprised. She is excited about her wedding, but her Mom is even more excited.

Not so positive:

She tends to be a bit all over the place (not a bad thing, though it may just need guidance) Sometimes she could be a bit indecisive. (not easy, as an answer to one of my designs as I prefer to hear, “I hate this” to “I don’t know”) If I am honest to myself, this is the best kind of brides to play with.


Make sure you ask the right series of questions before you start the design process.

Questions like;

Do you like modern, traditional or both? (Most answer I get is “both”) What is your least favorite color and why? (most popular least favorite colors that I get is: “Orange”) What are your most favorite colors? (I still get a lot of “whites” and also “pinks,” then go figure) Have you been to a wedding that you loved? What touched you about it? (most of the time answer is: “No, not really,” I always think “how sad”) Is your home modern or traditional? (when I can, I like meeting brides in their homes, there is a lot one can learn about them) Who is your favorite fashion designer? (this question could be very revealing, I get CHANEL a lot) If you had to choose one word to describe your up and coming wedding, what would it be? (Then I cross my fingers and pray “God I hope she does not say “simple.”) Would you like to involve your fiancé in the design process? (90% of the answers is “no”)

My brides are my bread and butter; My goal is always to make them happy. Once that’s being said;

Between you and I: What type of brides do you prefer working with?

A. She knows “exactly” what she wants.

B. She is “not so sure” of what she wants.