Dear readers:

I would begin by acknowledging that these past three days were the most fulfilling days in my career. I have the opportunity of spending quality time with twenty-eight of the most committed and talented, floral designers and planners from all around the world away from my work.

We began with spending three days together transforming one of the ballrooms from the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida by creating over the top PB designs by sharing techniques that we have been practicing over the years. (please check our yesterday Facebook page to see the images from before and after the transformation)

I choose the Breakers Hotel, Florida for bringing this experience to these amazing event professionals this time because I see this as a perfect venue for a destination wedding, with its dramatic views of the ocean, Iconic ballrooms, superb food and not to forget, their five-star services.

I also had the opportunity to get to know these talented artist at a personal level. And when being asked, what was the number one problem they faced in their business, to my surprise, many of them responded that the biggest problem they have now and then; “WHAT TO DO WHEN OTHER VENDORS ARE STEALING OUR IDEAS” and label these designs as their own.

My response to them was that they should consider themselves trendsetters. I would like to add, the another vendor might reach out to you to ask how you did this or that and knowing that they would steal your idea, why not let them borrow, but surely that would depend on your relationship with another vendor .

Dear readers:

Do you feel, offended or flattered when other vendors “steal” or “borrow” your Ideas, and make it their own?