What Exactly Does A Planner Do?

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Dear Preston:
I read your blog about Tamara’s experience yesterday and felt truly bad for her. As a new bride getting married next May, I am in the process of hiring a planner.  My question to you is rather simple: What exactly are the responsibilities of a planner?  I have asked this and heard a number of conflicting responses. What exactly do they do? Can you help?
Dear Confused:
First, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! This is a very valid question. I will be giving you my edited answer and ask all of the wedding planners out there to chime in and help you with their idea of what planners (should) do. Being that it is very wide and different, depending on the area you live. However, here are my thoughts:
A wedding planner is responsible for making sure that the designer’s vision is executed masterfully, efficiently, and without surprises. Planners are the link between design and execution. Client services and management are at the core of a planner’s role. The overall success of the event lies heavily on a planner’s ability to organize, manage, and implement a logistical plan that will allow all the team members work at their full potential. A planner will be able to provide the couple with a realistic budget, effective timeline, ideal venue options, vendor selection, assistance with tastings and menu selection, negotiate all contracts, etiquette advisement, seating charts, invitations, transportation coordination, and- among countless other important details- managing the behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts of your big day.
Readers: What are some other tasks you think planners should be responsible for?


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