What Dreams Are You Living Now?



Dear Readers,

I hope all of you are having a wonderfully productive week!  I was reading over your comments in relation to yesterday’s post here on the blog, on Twitter and Facebook and was inspired to continue our discussion about inspiration and going after “impossible” dreams.  As I scrolled through the blog, I could not but to help to feel a bit nostalgic.  I recall when so many things I appreciate and value now seemed “impossible”. The very thought of moving from my native Panama to New York City at 19 to become a fashion model seemed like a crazy dream not only to me, but to most, if not all, of those around me.  As for the humbling and wonderful career I have been able to enjoy, well, I dared not even dream that big when I started out a young man with a passion for flowers in need of a job.

I would like to ask you what aspects of your current life are manifestations of your “dreams” from the past?  How will you use your recognition of your achievement of them as motivation to push yourself in the future?  More so, how will you use them to prove your own abilities when you experience the often crushing pressures of self doubt?

I’d love to hear your thoughts,