What Do You Love About Your City?

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Preston asks his fans: “What Do You Love About Your City?” on Preston Bailey’s Blog


Dear Readers:

I am honored and humbled to have been profiled  in CIRCA’s Exquisit Experts series.   I wanted to share the interview with all of you and  also take a moment to turn the microphone towards all of you.  It’s time to let your expertise shine a bit!

Please answer the following questions in the comments below and let us know a few of the things you love about your city.

What city are you located in?

What is your favorite event space in your city?

What is your favorite caterer/restaurant in your city?

Where do you go to rejuvenate?

Who is your favorite florist in your area?

What does your city offer that is unique to its location?

I look forward to reading your comments below and may choose a few readers to interview for the blog.



(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)