What Do You Get Out of Your Own Work?


 “It’s art if it can’t be explained. It’s fashion if no one asks for an explanation. It’s design if it doesn’t need explanation.”-Wouter Stokkel

Dear Readers:

Today, I want you all to think about what motivated you to get into this business and what you get out of it. As artists, we design because it is an extension of who we are, and a piece of ourselves goes into our work. I believe that is why artists are often uncomfortable explaining their work and have such a hard time placing a dollar value on their work. How do you describe your deepest feelings? How much do you charge for a chunk of your soul?

This afternoon, please take a few quiet moments to connect with the designer who lives inside of you, the one who feels his or her work long before there is movement in the hands. Think about the joy you receive when working, the challenges you have faced (and overcome), and the pain you have suffered both to ego and spirit when you feel you have failed to meet the expectations of your client or they have missed the message.

Remember that all of these experiences have worked to make you a better artist (though you may not have felt it at the time).

Question: What gifts has your work given you?  How have you grown as a result of your work?  Does it hurt you when you have to explain your work?



(Photo: Light & Porcelain Margaret O’Rorke Courtesy of Ann Linemann)