What Design Elements Do You Most Enjoy Using In Fall?

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Dear Readers,
Stepping out into the city this morning, it was clear that summer was not going to stick around for a lingering goodbye.  The air was crisp and cool (my favored temperature) and there seemed to be a message handed over by the day: change is not only on its way, it’s here.  “What a gift”, I thought to myself.  Having a chance to start anew (not necessarily over) is always a blessing for it allows us the chance to present ourselves, our ideas, our talents and our vision and thoughts in a way that suits the person we are now, in this moment, the one who has learned the lessons brought to us in the days before it.
Growing up in Panama, we did not experience the strict change of seasons we have here in New York.  While there was plenty of inspiration in my native country, I love the bold lines drawn by mother nature here on the east coast.  There is always something new to look forward to, always new source of inspiration to be found among the trees, flowers and even in those with whom we share our respective homes.  The energy changes from winter to spring to summer to fall. Each season has its own soul, it’s own gifts to offer.
Just like each event.  Just like each one of us.
Today, I would like to ask you what new and interesting design elements you most look forward to using in the fall months and what you enjoy most about the season.  If you are in a place that doesn’t experience all four seasons, please share what you like or dislike about this.
(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)