What Are Your Thoughts On Sweetheart Tables?

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Dear Preston:
I am having a June wedding and I feel that I have no choice but to sit alone with my fiance. Speaking candidly, I would prefer to sit with my both of our parents, but unfortunately, my parents are not getting along at the moment. I always feel that a bride and groom sitting all by themselves at a wedding looks very lonely, but I wondered what you thought about the concept of sweetheart tables?
Sitting All Alone
Dear Sitting All Alone:
First, I am so sorry that you are faced with the complex and painful situation of having to deal with your parents’ issues at your wedding. Unfortunately, this is a common concern for a lot of couples. In today’s “modern family” world, there are a number of family dynamics to juggle and many couples choose to sit alone so as not to offend either set of parents. I suggest that you speak to your parents and tell them that you love them very much and that you would love to sit with both of them and wonder if they might be willing to be civil with one another in order to make that possible. Another suggestion would be to sit with your Maid of Honor and Best Man, as I am sure they are very close friends or family members and would love to sit with you on your wedding day.
To be honest with you, I happen to love sweetheart tables. I do not find them to be lonely at all. In fact, you are constantly surrounded by your friends and family while having a special moment with your partner to take in all of the love and warmth of the room together. Give your designer the opportunity to design a special table for the two of you; you might be surprised at his or her concepts. Today, I will share three of my own concepts as well.
Dear readers, what advice would you give the bride above? Which of these three sweetheart tables is your favorite/least favorite and why?
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