What Are Your Favorite Venues?


(Image via D Magazine)

Location, Location, Location!

A truly great event practically demands a truly great location. I was just in the South of France where I visited two incredibly dramatic venues. They were absolutely breathtaking, and they’re going to make designing so much easier. After all, it never hurts to start with a beautiful and magical place!

As a designer, there are always three things that I look for when it comes to location and venue:

1. Unexpected spots to hang my floral sculptures. I love having the option of hanging my work from above as it adds drama and wow factor.
2. Great outdoor as well as indoor space. I always want the best of both worlds.
3. A staff that is flexible and accommodating. I want a venue whose favorite word is “yes!”

After my trip to the South of France, I’ve been thinking a lot about venues and locations. So, I’m hoping you can help me out and share your favorite local venues. Which locations do you love working at? What makes them special? They can be contemporary or modern or something else entirely so long as they are unique! Please share your favorite spots in your area in the comments. Thank you!

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