flowers,floral design, flower arrangements,bouquets

As some of you may know, I participate in the Macy’s Flower Show every year. This year the theme was “A Wonder of the World.”

flowers, floral arrangements, floral design

I love participating in this event because it gives me an opportunity to create floral sculptures that are more conceptually and visually “out of the box.” To anchor Macy’s theme, I thought I’d give you “the world,” which I think is a wonder of its own.

flowers,floral design,flower arrangements

To construct this whimsical globe we started with 2 sculpted metal “hemispheres” as a base. We then covered our hemispheres with oasis and then put chicken wire over the oasis to prevent any “continental drift.” We traced and cut out the continental shapes on freezer paper to use as our “floral appliqué patterns,” placed them on our globe, and finally filled the nations with flowers. It was a long process!

flowers,floral design,flower arrangements,centerpieces
flowers, floral design,floral arrangements

As you can see, I heeded a bit of my own advice and took a risk by giving the world lavender oceans as an unexpected twist.