Wedding Vendors: Make Yourself Necessary


Wedding Vendors: Make Yourself Necessary, Preston's blog

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At the end of my post on Monday I promised to continue our conversation about pricing on Wednesday. And while this post IS about pricing, it’s not part two of my Monday post. I will be following up with a post that includes pricing for caterers, photographers and other amazing wedding and event industry vendors — just not today!

In all honesty, my plan was to dive right back into our Monday pricing discussion, but then I started thinking about why pricing is so difficult for professionals in all sorts of industries. It has been my experience that many, many folks, but especially artists, struggle with how much they and their work are worth.

But why? What is it about pricing that makes it so hard to discuss in a honest, straightforward way?

I thought I knew the answer but I was having a lot of trouble articulating it until I read a wonderful Ralph Waldo Emerson quote. He said simply, “Make yourself necessary to someone.”

He probably wasn’t thinking about how much to charge for wedding planning services when he said that! But his words went off like a lightbulb in my head. I think we struggle with pricing, because we don’t believe we’re really necessary to our clients.

But in order to charge appropriately and make enough money to continue doing work that you love, you must learn to believe that you are necessary. Don’t sell yourself short! When you walk into a meeting with clients to discuss your fees, you have to believe your clients need you. And it’s true: they do need you.

Remember, your clients hire you for your vision, your artistry, and your ability to take their dream of a meaningful and memorable event and make it a reality. That is no small feat. If they didn’t need you, they wouldn’t have called you!

But they did. So own your talent, and charge what it’s worth. You owe it to yourself.

Dear Readers, tell me, do you struggle with pricing and feeling worthy? Why do you think pricing is so hard for so many of us? Please share your experiences. I want to hear what you’ve been through.