Wedding Season: How to Get the Job


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Wedding interview season has begun, and these past few weeks I’ve been very busy meeting with couples and their families. I’ve done many, many weddings over the years, and I’ve learned a few things about getting the job. Every day this week, I’ll share three tips to help you ace every bridal interview. Here are today’s tips:

1. Getting Interviews
If you’re just starting your business, don’t hesitate to rely on friends and family. Be bold! Offer your services to everyone you know. You need the experience, and you need to walk away from every job with strong photographs of your work and a glowing letter of recommendation.

On the other hand, if you’ve been in business for awhile, you already have great photos and rave reviews. Just make sure your portfolio is full of only the very best images. Determine what your “look” is, and be consistent with your message. Because I adore drama, my look has always been a bit over the top. Some folks have told me they think it’s too much, but I have never apologized for my look. And you shouldn’t either!

2. Talking Money
I know some folks hesitate calling me, because they just assume I’m too expensive. And it is true that my team and I are expensive. However, our designs are original and made from scratch, so they cost more than just renting various elements all the time. When you meet with a potential client make sure they understand why you cost as much as you do. It’s been my experience that most brides have no idea what their dream wedding will actually cost — your best bet is to educate them.

3. Service, Service, Service
We’re in the service business, and our number one priority should be giving our clients an incredible experience. Great service is about being accessible, original, fun and, most importantly, honest. When you make a mistake — and we all do — just tell the truth. Then find a way to fix it.

Dear Readers, have you ever done a job for a family member or friend? Did you charge them? What was your experience? Have you established your “look” yet? What is it? I’m really curious!

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