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A common mistake I see many vendors make is thinking that when a bride begins to plan her wedding, she should always call them first, no matter what their speciality. But does this really make the most sense? When Ivanka Trump got engaged, I was one of the first people she called. Ivanka is a very savvy New York City business woman, and she understands how to plan a huge event. She knew that she should get a planner and a designer on board as quickly as possible. But most brides don’t have Ivanka’s professional, not to mention personal, background.

So, unfortunately, a lot of brides don’t call a designer or planner first. Instead, they start by calling venues, letterpress invitation designers or DJs. I’ve long suspected that a bride’s first call is often to the vendor she’s most excited about. A bride who adores flowers is likely to start planning her wedding by calling a florist.

Nonetheless, it’s in the bride’s best interest to call a planner first. A good planner will help a bride understand the process and give her a sense of which expectations are reasonable and which are unreasonable.

For the vast majority of brides, budget is paramount. Assuming a bride can’t afford to have it all, it’s important that she understand what she can afford sooner rather than later. So whether you’re a planner, a florist or a DJ, if a bride calls you first, you should give her a crash course in pricing. Trust me, she’ll thank you later.

Dear Readers, what’s your opinion? Who should a bride call first? Why?

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