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Over the years, many big corporations and brides shopping for the best deal have requested bids from me. But every time I bid on a new job, I can’t stand it. Why? The reason is simple: I take my designs very seriously. When I’m designing a job, I invest a lot of time and effort into visualizing what the design should look and feel like. To me, it’s almost like giving birth; my designs are babies.

Recently, a potential client who had requested a bid from me, phoned to say that she was deciding between me and another designer. Later, she called back to tell me that, because of political reasons, she had chosen the other vendor.

Forgive me for venting my frustration but that rejection stung. It also annoyed me. Not so much because I lost the job, but because the design I had created for the bid would never come to life.

I understand that clients want to shop around and need to get a good sense of what each vendor can and will do. After all, it’s important that clients not only get the best value but also that they are comfortable with the services they’ll be paying for. But enough is enough. I wish clients would just be straight forward and tell us what they want and how much they want to spend. Doesn’t that sound nice and simple?

Tomorrow, of course, is my Dear Preston Column, but in my post about reminders on Wednesday, I’ll share my tips for avoiding those potential clients who are “endless shoppers.”

Readers, how do you feel about bidding on jobs? Do you also feel frustrated when your designs are rejected and never see the light of day? Please share.

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