We are only as good as the people that helps us.



It’s my opinion: We are only as good as the people that helps us.

Last Thursday I posted a very disturbing letter from a client sister, in which she claimed that one of the freelance assistant that we hired to help us produce a very large event, was loud and very rude.
That is not always the case, in fact I would not be here today if it wasn’t for the very talented and very hard worke of many freelancers around the world.
In todays blot,I’ll like to say THANK YOU, specially to the very talented assistants in the recent event we did in Mexico.

We are always in search for those talented, hardworking, folks around the world that are not afraid of very long hours.

If you are in search for some part time work, assisting us in bringing one of our Transformations to life. please leave us your Name and e mail and tell us bit about yourself. We’ll love to be able to call you while working in your area.