Was last year a challenging or good year for you?



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Dear Readers:

Last year was a bit challenging in many ways for me. And with a New Year comes many goals, dreams, and concerns. Today, I’ll like to highlight a few reminders that might help us all rethink our businesses.

It’s not only about making money: It’s also about making dreams come true (yours and others). The only way to keep it going is by producing quality work.

Be brave to create your own ideas: Success comes from persistent improvement and inventing new concepts, ideas, and things. It does not come from competing or copying others. Also be very gentle with yourself because for every ten creative ideas, its’ possible that only one or two may become trendsetters.

You don’t always need money to start: I would highly advise beginners to start with the mindset of helping people and the clients would follow (I promise). It’s not always about the fame; it’s more having a sense of the deep satisfaction, that for just one day, you change your client’s life with your service and design.

Follow rule number one which should be: “I do not work for free.” When you create your company, you get to make a universe where you control all of the rules list by you.

Do not sit on an idea out of fear: Ideas are worth nothing unless you execute them. In the new year, commit to taking actions. If you sit on it for too long, someone else may have the same good idea. It has happened to me, many times.

Have the courage to exclude certain clients confidently: We must know, who we are and when to proudly declare, who we are not. By doing so, you would be able to win the hearts of the clients you want. Not easy to reject any clients, but sometimes we must learn to say, “We are not right fit for each other.”

You don’t need a huge vision to create a success story: Just stay focused on helping your clients bring their vision to life. Please, remind yourself that being humble does not hurt.

Care more about your customers than yourself: I believe that success would follow in groves when done it with heart.

Being casual is OK: The days of the snooty approach to customer service are rapidly disappearing. You can be as unconventional, unique and quirky as you’d like. Your business should be a reflection of the creator (you). Just make sure you give service, without an attitude.

Take something good and let go of the advice that drains you: No matter which goal you choose to go after, there will always be someone telling you that you are wrong. Just pay close attention to what brings in excitement or drains you. If you are excited, you are on the right path.




May I ask, which one of these ten reminders resonated more with you and why?

Was last year a challenging or good year for you?