In replacement of our To Do series, I’d like to start a new one called: Venting. Folks, let’s get it off our chests. What has been bothering you to the point that you can’t stop thinking about it, and it might even be affecting your work?

Here I go…How do you tell your family, “Don’t hold the date”? For the past few years I started a tradition for celebrating Thanksgiving and having my whole family over. In fact, part of that tradition was to also give everyone their first holiday present (the pictures in this post are those presents from years past).

This year, however, because of a prior business contract I need to fulfill, I had to make that dreaded call to tell them this year my Thanksgiving is not happening.

To say the least, they were not happy. I suggested that instead of Thanksgiving, I’d like to give a banquet for New Year’s Eve. However, more than a few of them already had plans.

It got me thinking about our business and the long hours and late nights required to be in our business. How do you folks with kids do it? How do you go about not disappointing your family and close friends? What would you have done in my position? HELPPPP.