Venting: Tipping


I recently met a client who was expressing her unhappiness over her planner’s decision to add a tip when paying all of the vendors at her event. “The nerve!” she fumed. The client felt that she was already spending a large amount of money for her event and could not understand why she should spend 10% above the cost.

It’s not uncommon for clients to express their appreciation by way of gifts and tips at the end of a successful event. Over the years, I have been the grateful recipient of a number of gifts. One client, the dear Debbie Lustig, is kind enough to remember me every birthday and Christmas holiday, often sending a gift from one of my two favorite designers, Ralph Lauren or Georgio Armani.  I am honored to have worked as the designer for both of her daughters.

The main concern this client had was that the planner was demanding this as a part of her contract. While listening, I found myself at a loss for words. I explained that I admired the planners generosity but was also thinking, “wait a minute, gifts should come from the heart and not be mandatory.”



Question: What is your opinion? As a planner, do you demand or suggest tips for your vendors?

(Photo Courtesy of Leisure Special)