Venting: The Power of Association

red rose, preston bailey blog
red rose, preston bailey blog
Dear Readers,

Very recently, I had quite an interesting meeting with a client who hated roses.  Now, I always work to make a point not to judge the tastes and preferences of my clients, but her reaction was so strong that it left me intrigued. I decided to to do a gentle inquiry.  That’s when she told me a very interesting story.  It turns out that her ex-husband used to send her roses every time he cheated on her, and for this reason, she associated the flower with the pain of her betrayal.

I understood quite well the power of association. Whenever I see Birds of Paradise, I am reminded of the many stems that grew wild in my backyard in Panama. Back then, we considered them wild weeds.  Once a month, I was in charge of cutting them down with a machete.  It is no wonder that, in adulthood, they are one of my least favorite flowers to use in my designs.

Flowers affect us in a number of ways, and like fashion, they go in and out of style. In today’s blog, I would like to know which flowers are in and out of fashion in your particular area?  Also, please share your own personal association with flowers.  Is there one that has a significant meaning in your life?  Please tell us why.

I will start. Phalaenopsis Orchids are very chic in New York while  Casablanca lilies are now out of fashion.

I look forward to reading your responses!



(Photo courtesy of Flickr)