Venting: The Clients Are Always Right

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venting client services preston bailey blogDear Readers,


Today, I am in Kuwait attending a very impressive bridal show.  I enjoy learning from the many vendors across the globe immensely.   There is something very special about the exchange between colleagues that always leaves me feeling that I have walked away with a better understanding of my event family.


Last night, I was honored to be the keynote speaker at a lavish and beautiful event hosted by Bibi Hayat in the Missoni, a beautiful hotel here in Kuwait.  During the Q and A portion, I was asked the one question that always comes up, regardless of where I am speaking, “If a client approaches you to design her wedding but you absolutely hate her ideas, should you still do it?”


I personally cannot imagine any idea so “horrible” that I would hate it.  I think a significant part about being an artist is the ability to take ideas that we dislike and transform them into something that works.  The moment I start imposing my taste and rules onto my clients is the moment I stunt my own growth as an artist.  If they honor me by seeking my services and paying me to make their dreams come true, who am I to judge their taste?  As designers, I think it’s important that we remain humble and remember that we are in the service business, not the self-service business.


Now, I know that you respect your artistry and your clients, and I want to ask you the following questions:


How do you deal with a client who asks you to do something you dislike?  Please give us an example.


Also, do you think the client is always right?






(Photo courtesy of VIP)