Venting: New Beginnings


(Sunrise image via Caza No. 7)

Quite often we unnecessarily postpone, when we should simply take the risk and leap into a new beginning. If you are like me, you probably have at least three things you know you need to start, yet you might be paralyzed out of fear or lack of planning.

How does one get past that fear that stops us from being our best?

Often we look back at business practices we have done repeatedly and have failed to serve us well, yet we resist changing them. (I know because I’ve been there more often than I’d like to admit.)

We forget that to embrace change is one of the great dreams of every heart, and that this flexibility is mostly rewarded with a life of abundance.

A new beginning can open the door into a house of creativity and belonging. I encourage us to stop and look at what is “new” in us or our business that wants to be seen, yet we are resisting to show.

I am so excited for the many new folks in the industry who have been taking a leap, and are leaving some boring jobs behind to embrace the event industry.

For all of you I say, “BRAVO.” And yes, there are enough events and parties for all of us.

For our “Dear Preston” series, I’d like to continue offering my humble help. What is one business “beginning” or change you need help with? And what do you think is stopping you?