Venting: Looking Back on 2010


Looking back on 2010, I can easily say it was a year of growing pains. There are two things that kept me going regardless of all the ups and downs.

One of them has been writing my blog–getting the opportunity to vent, review my mistakes, and share the same issues with all of you regardless of the size or types of business we are all confronting.

The second has been escaping into the world of service and design. I saw a huge change in taste, colors and services my clients requested, and I think that mostly has to do with the economic landscape.

In my blog posts throughout this week, I’d like to go over some of the things I learned and noticed in 2010 to see if you had a similar or completely different experience.

Today’s poll is about the most requested styles. Did your clients mostly request:

  1. Modern (This is what most of my clients wanted last year.)
  2. Traditional
  3. A mixture of Modern and Traditional
  4. Eclectic

Were the looks…

  1. Minimalist (Where less is more)
  2. Pretty but not too overdone
  3. Over the top (Where more is better)
  4. DIY (Whatever that look is)

I am extremely interested to hear about what your clients mostly wanted. I also think you are going to be very surprise tomorrow when I divulge what my wonderful clients mostly wanted and why.