Venting: Insecurities


One of my dreams has always been to become a good writer.

I have written four books all with the help of a ghost writer. Each morning I struggle with my new creative outlet: writing my blog.

I am so jealous of my good friend Marcy Blum for her amazing ability to write.

Instead of thinking, “I wish I was better than I am,” I often think, “I wish I was as good as she is.”

In today’s Venting, I’d like to talk about the overwhelming time and energy we all spend on our insecurities and how paralyzing and potentially destructive they can be.

At the bottom of any business insecurity, I think, is the belief that somehow we need to be better than what we are in order to be accepted. We want to be better than so and so or more creative than so and so.

Ultimately what we need is to accept ourselves exactly as we are yet always stay in motion.

The best tool for dealing with out insecurities is to do a very simple exercise. I’m sure this might not come easy for some of you, but go ahead and try.

List three business skills you know you are great at. Mine are:

  1. Improvising (A very necessary skill in our industry)
  2. Dealing with clients (Simple, just give them what they need)
  3. Charging what I am worth (Took years to come to grips with this one)

By counting our positive blessings, whatever those might be, it is easier to see that we are blessed and do not need to compare ourselves to others. This will help keep our insecurities at bay, so we can continue to run our creative businesses.

What are the three things you know you’re great at?