Venting: Feeling Like You Don’t Have Any Time


(Image via Caitlin Regan)

Raise your hands if you feel like you never have any time.

You can’t see me, but I’m raising both my hands in the air.

Sometimes it feels like you need 26 hours in the day, instead of the usual 24, and no matter how much later you stay in the office, you still aren’t getting enough done.

I find what helps me when I’m feeling this way is to pull back and assess the way I tackle each of the bullets on my to do list.

First thing I ask myself: Can I do this more efficiently?

Since we do some things in the same way each day (for example, me writing my blog), I think it helps to come up with little systems or processes to make the task more efficient.

For example, throughout my work day, I jot down little notes to myself for possible blog ideas. When I’m reading your comments on this blog (I read every single one!), I also take note of things you ask or issues you may have so I can write about them later.

That way, I don’t have to sit down to a blank piece of paper, feeling like I have to start from scratch every time I write.

First thing I ask myself: Can I do this more efficiently?

I also think it helps to assess your processes as you move along. Maybe you established a routine, but that isn’t really working. How can you tweak it to make sure it works better and does exactly what you need it to do?

I also want to throw a sidenote in here about technology. There is a lot of technology out there created to help you do things “better” (for example, see all the millions of apps that exist for your smartphone). If this technology helps you, great. But if it doesn’t, don’t feel the need to adapt to a new technology or software when your pen and paper method has been working for years.

It’s about choosing your battles. Will it take you hours upon hours to switch to this new method, when in the long run it won’t really be any more efficient than your old method? If so, it may not be worth it.

(This little side note doesn’t really count for some software though. If you need to use software for your job–for example word processing software–sooner or later you will probably need to upgrade it. But that’s a different blog post…)

How about you? Can you share two of your time saving tips with us below?